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Who we are and what we're looking for...

We're a couple looking for a bisexual girl to spice up our (cyber) sex life. We'd love an ongoing partner for chatting, pic swapping and maybe even web-cam fun. you can check out our profile to get a taste of what we're into (http://blacksunflowers.livejournal.com/profile).


We're looking for fun girls 21+, into both guys and girls, with decent spelling and grammar for some spicy threesome cyber sex. if you're interested comment here, send an email to 2blacksunflowers(at)gmail(dot)com or send us a LJ message. And don't forget to tell us a little about what you might be interested in ;) Our icon is a result of some previous fun we had.

morning sex

I wake up and i realise that my pussy is wet, from what I don't know, maybe because of the fuck that we had the previous night or maybe because I dreamt something i cannot remember, but it's probably not that.
I feel your hand on my breasts, laying there firmly. i take your hand away and place it on your chest. I want nothing but to feel your dick right now in my tight pussy, I want nothing but to have my tight pussy wrapped around your dick, but I watch you sleeping so peacefully and i cannot bear to wake you up just because i want to fuck you so I lean over to the cupboard beside my side of the bed and take out one of the vibrators that you had gotten for me some time ago.
I shove it inside of me and it goes in without much difficuilty as my pussy is so so wet. I spread my legs wider, letting it go deeper and deeper inside me. Of course, it doesn't feel the same as your dick, but it will do for now. I bend my knees so my feet are now flat on the bed. I thrust the fake cock faster and faster into me. My hips move up and down, causing the mattress to squeek slightly due to the pressure, weight and motions of my body. I try to slow down so I don't wake you, but every time I slow down, my pussy just gets hungry for more, eventually I give in and just fuck myself.
I feel myself getting so close to cumming and that's when I switch it on to the low mode, letting it vibrate against the insides of my pussy lips. I get closer and closer to cumming. I try to hold back, as I want to tease mysel as much as possible; want to see how long i can hold out before I have to give in to the need to cum.
I turn on the vibrator to high mode and let a moan escape fom my mouth. I don't hold back my moans as I fuck myself, letting my vibrator get drowned in my pussy juices. My knees get weak as I feel my cum rushing out of me. I bite my lower lip and then let go, letting my mouth form a nice 'O' shape, as I moan louder, my knees go weaker. I fuck myself slower, trying to calm myself down as I feel my creamy juices soaking my inner thighs.
I place the vibrator on the side table and begin to play lazily and slowly with my clit as I feel you stir and start to wake up beside me. i wonder if it was my moans that woke you up or the sound of my vibrator but before i get the chance to ask, your face is buried in between my legs. Your hands taking my hands away from my clit and pinning them down at the sides of my body as your tounge takes over my finger. I moan slightly, enjoying you licking up my juices and also the anticipation that I am going to get to round two of cumming.



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