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blacksunflowers's Journal

21 July 1983
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We are a long distance couple who love to have fun and are at the same time looking for another girl to add to that mix. This journal documents some of our adventures.

Things that turn her on:

her king
passionate kissing
swallowing cum
licking nipples
pinching nipples
pressing her breasts against another girl
being fucked from behind doggy style
being naughty in public
being tied up
sex right after waking up
being possessed
seeing girls kissing and pressing their chests together
seeing girls licking breasts

Things that turns him on:

His Queen
Lipstick marks on his cock
Lipstick marks on her boobs
Camel toes
Eye Shadow
Girls kissing
Belly button piercings
Nipple piercings
Nipple clamps
Tight tshirts
girls watching porn
fucking tits
cum on tits
girls swallowing cum
eating pussy
sex toys
receiving handjobs
receiving blowjobs
finger fucking
curvy girls
pregnant women

We're a couple looking for a bisexual girl to spice up our (cyber) sex life. We'd love an ongoing partner for chatting, pic swapping and maybe even web-cam fun. you can check out our profile to get a taste of what we're into (http://blacksunflowers.livejournal.com/profile).

We're looking for fun girls 21+, into both guys and girls, with decent spelling and grammar for some spicy threesome cyber sex. if you're interested comment here, send an email to 2blacksunflowers(at)gmail(dot)com or send us a LJ message. And don't forget to tell us a little about what you might be interested in ;) Our icon is a result of some previous fun we had.